M O N T G O M E R Y C O U N T Y B U S I N E S S O W N E R ' S R O U N D T A B L E

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About US.

We are Democrats, Independents and Republicans who share the same concerns and want to see County candidates who share and will fight for Montgomery County.

Our three core concerns:
Restoring safety and confidence in safety which invites new business growth. Where the law applies to the protectors and the protected because the laws are supported, followed, and enforced.

We also believe in the equity of a good education. Over a dozen years each student works to build knowledge to then be able to succeed in life. This is every parent's desire. We believe in schools where teachers teach math. science, good writing skills and sound money management… and where parents teach faith and other preferences. Schools should teach how to learn and to measurably hold students accountable so they have the skills and knowledge to succeed in work and life professionally. A good education is good for business in Montgomery County.

As for business, we believe in a streamlined and encouraging business that rewards the risk takers… creating an environment for small, medium, and large businesses to start, to grow, to build a new and stronger Montgomery County for all of us.

Your voice is welcome at the roundtable. Join us today.